I am Nikki: Artist, Designer, Mother, Wife, Teacher.


Self-expression through custom clothing came at an early age and I’ve turned my love of dyeing and sewing fabrics into a twelve year career as a Costume Designer, designing and creating unique and imaginative clothing for performers- from dancers and actors to corporate mascots.

Some of the many clients I work with are local Colleges and Universities, where I realized my passion for sharing knowledge and inspiring creativity in others through teaching Costume Design. I am dedicated to sharing my skills and inspiring others to test the bounds of their imagination and creativity.

I am driven in life to find beauty everywhere. I love the idea of creating three dimensional art using the body as a canvas through manipulation of two-dimensional fabric. The idea of self-expression has been around as long as mankind, and I am moved by the idea of modern people in the contemporary world still expressing themselves through ancient fabric art techniques of dyeing and sewing; an art form that stands the test of time.